Day 1

17 April 2024

Time (CET)TitlePresenterAffiliation
08:30Opening session nPV 2024Wilfried FavreCEA-INES
08:45Session 9: TOPCon solar cells
Session Chairs: Elise Bruhat, Holosolis; Stefan Glunz, Fraunhofer ISE
08:45Screen printed etched back local poly-Si(Ox) as passivating contacts in bifacial PERFECT solar cellsWenxian WangDelft University of Technology
09:00Passivation Effect of Tunnel Oxide Grown by Ozone-gas Oxidation (OGO) for N-type Polysilicon Passivated Contact ApplicationLei YangState Key Lab of Silicon and Advanced Semiconductor Materials and School of Materials Science & Engineering, Zhejiang University
09:15Oxygen-Alloyed Poly-Si Passivating Contacts with i-Voc Exceeding 745mV for n-type and 720mV for p-type via PECVDYingwen ZhaoTU Delft, EEMCS Photovoltaic Materials and Devices
09:30Understanding Hydrogen Passivation Mechanism in poly-Si Passivating Contacts via SixNy composition: Insights from Effusion StudiesPaul StradinsNREL
09:45Towards Upscaling of Plasma-Assisted N2O Oxidation (PANO) in Tube PECVD Reactor for i-TOPCon Solar CellsJana-Isabelle PolzinFraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE
10:00Patterning by selective etching of poly-silicon using a high etch rate single sided gaseous processLaurent ClochardNINES PV
10:15Coffee break
10:45Invited Talk: Industry
10:45State of the art, technological roadmap of KalyonPV R&D Center
Nesrin Töre SenKalyonPV
11:15Session 10: PV manufacturing and sustainability
Session Chairs: Gizem Nogay, Meyer Burger
11:15Effect of Reshoring the PV Supply Chain in the EU on the Carbon Footprint of c-Si PV module manufacturingPamela MolinaFraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, Univiersity of Freiburg
11:30Passivated-contact solar cell applying LECO technology exceeding 25.5% power conversion efficiencyAnsgar MetteHanwha Q Cells GmbH
11:45Effective Reduction of the Carbon Footprint of Photovoltaic Silicon Module via a Parametric Life Cycle AnalysisNouha GAZBOURCEA INES
12:00TOPCon solar cell fabrication on cast-mono wafers and the influence of the hydrogenation processLazhar RachdiInternational Solar Energy Research Center Konstanz e.V.
13:15Session 11: Heterojunction solar cells and modules
Session Chairs: Anamaria Steinmetz, Fraunhofer ISE; Pere Roca Cabarrocas, IPVF
13:15The high-efficiency SHJ Solar Cells at Low IlluminationsRupendra Kumar SharmaCzech Technical University in Prague
13:30Physics-Informed Machine Learning for TCO-Layer Thickness Prediction and Process Analysis from Multi-Spectral ImagesAlexandra WörnhörFraunhofer Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE
13:45Influence of deposition conditions on passivation quality of nanoscale ALD-grown hafnium oxide layersSophie PainUniversity of Warwick
14:00Al-doped Zinc Oxide based Electron-Selective Contacts for Crystalline Silicon Solar CellsXinbo YangSoochow University
14:15Universal interface treatment for dopant-free materials applied to silicon heterojunction solar cellsLiqi CaoDelft University of Technology
14:30Can TCO thickness reduction in SHJ solar cells be done in a robust way?Can HanSun Yat-sen University
14:45How to combine SHJ cell-edge passivation and module reliability?Samuel HarrisonCEA-INES
15:00Closing Session SiliconPV 2024 (award + SiliconPV 2025 annoucement)Sébastien DuboisCEA-INES
15:30Coffee break
15:45Lab Tour + Drinks