Chairmens Message

Dr Wilfried Favre (CEA-INES)

Dear (n)PV-community,

I’m happy to chair the 13th nPV workshop back to Chambéry after 10 years. PV context has drastically changed but nPV purpose remains the same: allowing worldwide PV community from basic science to industry and applications to meet and exchange about the main technical challenges for strong n-type silicon based technologies.

Last year, PV market reached the first Terawatt (TW) era milestone with a 1.18TW global cumulative installations while the yearly additional installations was the highest value ever registered, with more than 235GW, supported by 24 countries which installed at least 1 GW. PV electricity is now contributing to more than 6% of the global electricity demand and is on track to increase its share again in the next years [1].

New production capacities are currently entering online for TOPCON and HJT technologies with more than 900GW/year announced. Both are based on n-type silicon materials and already demonstrated record cells laboratory efficiencies over 26.8% on large area! The shift from p-type (mainly PERC) to n-type devices is ongoing and the latter should represent more than 20% of the global share by end of 2023! The majority of the new production capacities are to be installed in China and India, while USA and Europe will have their first Gigafactories soon.

For all these reasons, the (n)PV community is (positively!) growing fast and will be challenged to ensure PV expansion at limited costs and with the most reliable and low footprint technologies. Together with our long-term industrial and scientific partners, I kindly invite you to attend the nPV workshop.

I’m looking forward to welcome you in April 2024!